A leaking roof is a bad roof ! Luckily we live in California where it doesn’t rain much.. However, if there is a leak we can patch it up for you in a day’s work! No job is too small and no leak cannot be fixed! Sometimes the roof is old or not up to code anymore and so we can replace it completely! We install composition shingles, tile and touchdown roofs. Important things to remember about roofing
all roofs must be inspected by the city and pull a permit (which we take care of) Plywood must be inspected and replaced if it rotten or old underneath 35 year warranty minimum on all roof installations We offer cool roof (energy efficient) to help with insulation We can fix the smallest of leaks or patches
Give us a call to hear about different roof options or if you see a leak coming down!

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Yes, we carry a general B License a C-39 License and currently working on getting a C-15 and C-33 License which we should have shortly.
Mc Construction and Design has been in business for over 30 years remodeling and upgrading homes
Yes, the business was started by David and is now operated by David his two sons and one daughter as well as other members of the family
Yes, we do residential and commercial properties, we also work with engineer and architectural plans
Yes, All of the employees with MC Construction and Design are employees of the company who have worked here anywhere between 3 years to 20+ years with the company. We have different crew members for different trades, and all have over 5 years’ experience in their perspective trade.
We use all high-end quality materials and usually certified and warrantied anywhere from several years to lifetime warranty. We also go over our materials selection with the customer before using any materials on the project

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