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How’s that driveway looking? Unfortunately because we live in California we tend to get a lot of cracks in our cement and we know that the neighbors are looking… Fixing cement is no easy process, however here at mc construction we don’t have a minimum, it can be 50sq feet or 5000sq feet! Cement needs to be poured the right way with correct footings and an onsite manager at all times! Pavers are the same way just prettier … We offer different options for pavers at a low affordable cost! In no time that front entrance or back yard will look stunning with your new addition of gorgeous colored pavers !!

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Yes, we carry a general B License a C-39 License and currently working on getting a C-15 and C-33 License which we should have shortly.
Mc Construction and Design has been in business for over 30 years remodeling and upgrading homes
Yes, the business was started by David and is now operated by David his two sons and one daughter as well as other members of the family
Yes, we do residential and commercial properties, we also work with engineer and architectural plans
Yes, All of the employees with MC Construction and Design are employees of the company who have worked here anywhere between 3 years to 20+ years with the company. We have different crew members for different trades, and all have over 5 years’ experience in their perspective trade.
We use all high-end quality materials and usually certified and warrantied anywhere from several years to lifetime warranty. We also go over our materials selection with the customer before using any materials on the project

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